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December 2011

December 23rd: Laura is back on Twitter! You can follow her here: @Vandiekins22

December 22nd: "It has been quite the year for me in many ways. I wanted to thank you for the support, love and for following along in my career. Here is to a joyful, healthy, successful and love filled new year for all of us. Happy Holidays." -- Love Vandie

November 2011

November 29th: New photos have been added to the Desperately Seeking Santa photo gallery.

November 23rd: A very nice article was posted in the Niagara-Wheatfield Tribune about Laura's ABC movie: Desperately Seeking Santa. Check it out!

November 18th: Check out the trailer for Laura's new movie Desperately Seeking Santa which premieres on ABC on November 27th!

November 18th: A new photo has been added to the photo gallery from Laura's appearnace on the George Stroubmoulopoulos Show.

November 7th: Check out an interview Laura did regarding her PETA 'Save Exotic Skins' campaign.

November 5th: Catch Laura in ABC's new Christmas classic 'Desperately Seeking Santa.' The world premiere is Sunday, November 27 at 8/7c!

- Click here to view photos.

November 4th:View Laura's video in support of the 'Project Alice Save V Campaign.'

November 3rd: featured an article about PETA's influence on Reese Witherspoon's choice of handbags! View the article.

October 2011

October 23rd: Four new photos have been added to thephoto gallery from Laura's appearance on the George Stroubmoulopoulos Show.

October 18th: Check out the PHOTOS and Video from Laura's appearnace on the George Stroubmoulopoulos Show.

October 18th: Lots of press covereage has been found from the launch of the PETA campaign featuring Laura:

ET Canada

The PETA Files

The Jace Hall Show

October 17th: A new video was posted for Spider-Man Edge of Time, that includes an interview of Laura. View the Video.

October 17th: Laura will be featured on the George Stroumboulopolous Tonight Show, Tonight at 11:05pm on CBC and will discuss her new PETA campaign to 'Save Exotic Skins' as well as discuss her latest projects. READ MORE.

October 16th: SPECIAL THANKS to the following people who donated their time and talents to Laura's 'Exotic Skins' Campaign: Sophia, Ali, Minna, Craig, Emily, Glenn, Nick, Nelly and Ilana.

October 15th: Be sure to catch Laura on the George Stroumboulopoulos Show on Monday October 17th. READ MORE.

October 13th: A new trailer has been posted for Laura's upcoming movie THIS MEANS WAR... you'll see Laura in the trailer about 8 seconds in.

October 12th: This year, "Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas" will feature the ABC Family original movie premiere of "Desperately Seeking Santa" on Sunday, November 27 (8:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT). Laura Vandervoort ("V," "Smallville") stars as an ambitious young marketing executive who dreams up the ticket to Christmas sales: a sexy Santa contest. Teenage girls and their moms flock to her mall when the gorgeous winner of the contest becomes a local hero, sending sales through the roof. She counted on this new Santa to win her a promotion - not win her heart, complicate her life and question everything she ever wanted. READ MORE

September 2011

September 28th: Laura wishes to urge people and remind them yet again of the need to donate and support Petas 'exotic skins campaign'. Educate yourselves and leave exotic skins out of your wardrobe! Visit:

September 12th: Catch the 'Sheen Roast' September 19th on Comedy Central. You will be sure to see Laura among other celebs in the audience!

A new photo gallery has been created with photos from this event. Here are some videos of Laura on the red carpet: VIDEO #1 & VIDEO #2.

September 9th: There's a new article on entitled "What Charlie Sheen has in Common With Laura Vandervoort." Check it out!

September 8th: Movieweb has released an article discussing Laura and her new film "The Entitled."

September 7th: Here are some new video clips from Laura's appearance at Dragon Con 2011:

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

Video 4 - Video 5 - Video 6Video 7

September 6th: A new photo gallery has been added with photos from Laura's appearance at Dragon Con 2011.

September 5th: Check out the back cover of the "V" Season 2 DVD!

September 3rd: Laura was featured on the cover of the North Post, September 2011 Issue.

View a PDF file of the article

View the web version article

August 2011

August 30th: Laura will be appearing at the DragonCon convention in Atlanta, GA Friday September 2nd through Sunday September 4th.

August 22nd: Two additional photos of Laura have been added to the Glenn Nutely photo gallery.

August 16th: Laura's new movie "The Entitled" will be released on DVD September 6th. Please support these links and spread the word!

Facebook (Like it!)
Official Website
YouTube Trailer

August 12th: Laura attended the '10th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree' event in West Hollywood at the London Hotel Rooftop. Check out yet another incredible new look for her! This is the first year in over approximately 10 years she hasn't been attached to a show, so it seems she's having fun getting to change up her look. 

August 11th: A new photo of Laura was released today, taken by Glenn Nutely.

August 10th: Here's a new photo from Laura's recording session for "SPIDERMAN: Edge of Time" as Mary Jane.

August 9th: Check out the new trailer for Laura's movie 'Entitled.'

August 7th: Laura has decided to discontinue her official Twitter feed. Thank you to those who followed while it was active. (Note: None of the other Twitter feeds that still exist are actually Laura.)

August 2nd: Thanks to my fan for yet more beautiful artwork!

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

July 2011

July 30th: Laura attended makeup artist, Brett Freedman at his 'Vanity Mark' Brow Bar opening in West Hollywood last night. Check out some photos.

July 29th: We've found another video interview Laura did at Comic-Con for "On the Red Carpet."

July 27th: Want to see a video of Laura's entire panel session during Comic-Con 2011? Check it out! Laura is introduced at the 37:50 mark. Be sure to catch a fun moment at 45:49!

July 27th: Even MORE photos have been added to the Comic-Con 2011 Photo Gallery - thanks Stuart! Here are some videos from the event as well:

-Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
-Video 4, Video 5

July 26th: More photos have been added to the Comic-Con 2011 Photo Gallery including a personal photo of Laura's road trip to San Diego with her friendGlenn.

July 25th: A new photo gallery has been posted with photos from Laura's attendance at Comic-Con 2011 this past weekend in San Diego for "Spiderman: Edge of Time." Be sure to notice her hot new hair style unveiled at the event! Sweet!

July 25th: Be sure to read a fantastic interview of Laura from Comic-Con 2011 that appears on blog at Here's the link!

July 22nd: Check out the IMDB info for Laura's friend's short called 'Prick.' We're all very excited about it.

July 19th: Vidgame publisher Activision has announced that screen talent including Val Kilmer and Laura Vandervoort are lending their voices to upcoming Marvel game title "Spider-Man: Edge of Time."

Kilmer is headlining "Spider-Man" as villain Walker Sloan. He will be joined by "Smallville's" Laura Vandervoort as Mary Jane and "Battlestar Galactica's" Katee Sackhoff as superheroine Black Cat.

-Read Story

-Read Story

Laura will be appearing at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday to promote the new game.

July 12th: A beautiful new photo has been added to the Gabriel Goldberg Photo Gallery.

July 11th: Additional candid on-set photos have been added to the "TED" Photo Gallery.

July 5th: Laura was selected as one of FHM Australia's Hot 100.

July 4th: Laura really enjoyed this interview on G4's Attack of the Show. Watch the video.

July 4th: Laura's new movie "The Entitled" will be released on DVD. Check out the poster and DVD info.

July 1st: New photos have been found online showing Laura Vandervoort, Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg filming a wedding scene in Boston for their upcoming comedy "Ted." See the photos.

June 2011

June 27th: We have uncovered some 'raw' never before seen outtakes from a recent photoshoot Laura did with photographer John Bregar. Thought you would all enjoy seeing her silly side. John Bregar photo gallery.

June 19th: A beautiful new photo of Laura has been added to the Gabriel Goldberg photo gallery.

June 18th: Russell Crowe considering Laura Vandervoort for leading lady? See the article!

June 16th: One Canadian Superhero supports the other: Laura Vandervoort attends Ryan Reynolds world premiere of "Green Lantern." See the photos!

-See VIDEO from the Red Carpet!

June 6th: Laura is featured in Elle Canada's July Issue. The feature titled 'Blond Ambition' is a personal look into Laura's perspective on LA, work and herself. Check it out!

June 1st: A message from Laura "Hey i've been having fun with photography over the last year while travelling for work and its been sitting in my computer. I thought why not atleast put it on the site for people to see should they wish to. Don't judge people...its all just a hobby i love... Hope you enjoy! Love LV." CLICK TO VIEW THE GALLERY

May 2011

May 31st: Check out this great fan video featuring Laura as Supergirl / Kara Zor El. Click Here.

May 16th: A message for the fans of 'V':

"It's sad to see 'V' come to an end after only 2 seasons and with so many interesting and exciting story lines left untouched. So many things we could have explored. So many avenues. However, all good things must come to an end.  All of the cast and Vancouver crew will be missed, amazing people. Thank you to all of you whom watched and supported the show. We are of Peace. Always.";  -- Laura ;)

May 12th: A new photo gallery has been created with photos from Laura's appearance at the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Red Carpet.

May 10th: Incredible new photos of Laura have been added to the John Bregar photo gallery.

May 7th: posted a review of Laura's final appearance as Supergirl:

"In this episode, Kara maintains her strong, independent personality ... she does make an extremely grand final appearance. It was very nice to see Kara not only become her own person as a hero, but how she has become more of an equal for Clark... Laura did a fantastic job of portraying Kara in this final episode for the character, and if you read the comics, then you will know that they gave Kara a very proper, comic-correct send off."

May 6th: As a reminder, Laura does NOT have an official Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other social media account. Any that you find on these services are impostors.

May 3rd: It was announced today that Laura has yet again made it onto Maxim's Hot 100 list!

May 2nd: 'It was announced today that Laura has joined the cast of the feature film 'Ted,' directed by Seth Macfarlane. 'Ted' also stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Laura is currently shooting in Boston.

May 2nd: Laura's final episode as Supergirl ("Prophecy") on Smallville will air this Friday on the CW. Be sure to tune it!

April 2011

April 29th: Three new photos with from Laura's trip to Australian Radio Show "2DayFm" have been added to the Appearances Photo Gallery.

April 28th: New photos of Laura's final Smallville episode 'Prophecy' were just released. Check them out in the Smallville Photo Gallery. Special thank you to Kryptonsite!

April 27th: TV Guide features a first glimpse of Laura's latest and last return to Smallville in episode 'Prophecy'...check it out!

April 22nd: Guess this is why I should get twitter: Just a quick note for all you ladies, even gentlemen. My sister and I recently fell in love with the musical melodies of 'Adele.' Felt the need to share this!! Check out her incredible voice and haunting melodies..... Specifically, 'Turning Tables' (my current theme song) and 'Rolling In The Deep.  Love Vandie

April 20th: A new photo by John Bregar. Two behind the scene photos of Laura getting ready for an event. View the photo in the SAG 2011 Gallery.

April 19th: A new photo gallery has been added with photos of Laura by Gabriel Goldberg.

April 18th: A new photo gallery has been created with some photos from Laura's IGN radio interview a few months back. Laura seems to be truly enjoying herself with these guys! Here's another link to the interview.

April 8th: Laura has been shooting a Christmas Romantic Comedy for ABC this past month starring herself and actor Nick Zano. While the film is currently still untitled, keep your eye out for it this Christmas!

April 7th: Laura's farewell episode of 'Smallville' is set to air May 6th, 8pm on the CW. The episode titled 'Prophecy' is said to send her character Kara/Supergirl, off on her destiny. A loved character by fans of the show, this episode is said to be a form of closure for the fans. A send off for the beloved character that first surfaced over four years ago.

April 5: Here are some comments posted "V" and Laura on "TV by the Numbers" from Wondercon:

"Rosenbaum explained one aspect of the season 2 finale: Hobbes disappearance. There was apparently about six or seven minutes which had to be cut from the finale due to time constraints which involved an attempt to break Diana out of a cell on the mothership by Ryan and others. I can’t remember the details, but in season 3 Erica will be trying to locate Hobbes again. It’s also not certain that their relationship will be further developed and it may even turn hostile.

Rosenbaum said that in season 3, Laura Vandervoort would get to play both “good Lisa” and “bad Lisa.” Mitchell was effusive in her compliments on Laura’s acting ability.

Rosenbaum also explained some of the back concept of V. For instance, the reason the aliens are not as lizard-like as in the original is because of the concept that the V’s have been traversing the galaxy extracting genetic material from various species and therefore the design of the alien was specifically to include features from other species such as insects in addition to lizards. He also said the males don’t have tails or stingers – the females are the more powerful, which also plays into the “competing mothers” roles of Erica and Anna.

He suggested that Ryan’s daughter was a potential queen and that perhaps there would develop a “triangle” of competition between Anna, Lisa (good and bad) and the new hybrid child. That hybrid child by the way will grow quickly to adulthood, and they’ll be casting an actress in the 20-somethings to play her."

March 2011

March 29: A very nice interview at ComicCon was found where Laura and other "V" cast members are interviewed by Here's the link.

March 17: Laura's good friend and old cast mate from her 'Instant Star' days, Cory Lee just came out with a new music video. Wanted to share this with all of you. Go Cory! Click to view the video.

March 17: Special mentions go to the following artists whom drew amazing portraits of Laura. Well done!

March 16: Check out an interview with TV LINE about the "V" season 2 finale! Read the story.

March 15: Laura was featured on as the March 15 "HD Hottie." Check it out.

March 10: The season 2 finale of 'V' airs March 15th on ABC. Make sure to tune in. A major episode for Laura and her character Lisa. View the trailer.

March 8: Laura met a local Australian fan by the name of Jason Lloyd whom asked her to sign his arm and then promptly had it tattooed. He returned to show her the final product. See the photos. Wow!

March 7: Laura was featured in the current issue of TV Guide's "Pick of the Week."

March 5: A message from Laura:

"I wanted to thank everyone at the Armageddon Expo in Australia. I had such a wonderful time with you all. Thank you for having me both in Sydney and Adelaide.  The fans and the staff were all top notch. Thank you for all your kindness. A SPECIAL thanks for Stuart whom was my right hand man for 4 days. Your amazingly wonderful and sweet. We even got matching tattoos!!! Check out the photo of Stuart and I from the event (He's hiding in this photo). THANKS AUSTRALIA and ARMAGEDDON EXPO!!"

February 2011

February 28: New photos have been added:

-Appearances Photo Gallery

-"V" Photo Gallery

February 27: Laura was recently co-hosting and heard live on Sydney's hit music station "2DAY FM" with hosts Mattie and Maud. Photos and videos from her visit to the station coming soon.

-Listen to the radio interview

February 26: Laura is currently in Australia appearing at the 'Armageddon Expo' comic convention meeting fans and answering questions on stage. She will also appear later this week in Adelaide.

-Check out a video of the guests of the Expo riding bumper cars.

-A fan sent in this brief glimpse of Laura riding bumper cars at Armgarddeon Expo at 3:03 of this video.

February 26: Here's a link to another cool piece of fan artwork. Thanks much!

February 22: Laura can be seen in this months "New Generation" feature in "Zooey" magazine, but check out her black and white online here ...

February 18: Here are some recaps and video links that preview upcoming episodes of "V":

"Birth Pangs"
-Video Sneak Peek 1
-Video Sneak Peek 2

"Devil in a Blue Dress"
Anna is about to pull the switch on the planet's first Blue Energy reactor, but Sid realizes that the size of the reactor is much too large for just the various Concordia sites — the Fifth Column needs to figure out what Anna is really up to. And Diana tells Lisa she must act against Anna now, fulfill her destiny and save humans from annihilation, on "V."

"Mother's Day"
Anna is focused on having Lisa breed with Tyler to ensure the evolution of the Visitors, while Erica and Diana enlist Lisa to stage a coup against Anna and remove her from power before humanity is destroyed. Erica and the Fifth Column join Lisa in the attempted coup, which has devastating results, on the shocking Season Two finale of "V." Also in the episode, Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan on the original "V" series, will guest star as Lars Tremont, a member of a top secret organization of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe who have long suspected that the Visitors are very much not here in peace.

February 17: New photos have been added to the "V" Photo Gallery from an upcoming episode entitled "Devil in a Blue Dress."

February 16: Check out a video preview of the next Episode of "V" entitled "Birth Pangs"... looks intense!

February 10: Apparently an episode of 'Family Guy' that Laura worked on briefly will air this sunday night. She plays a woman in 'AA'. Keep your eyes peeled!

February 8: Laura appeared on G4's "Attack of the Show" today to discuss "V" and her upcoming return to Smallville. Photos from her appearance have been added to the G4 photo gallery.

-Check out the video!

February 1: Check out this article and video from AOL's TV Squad where Laura is interviewed about "V."

February 1: Check out an interview Laura did for regarding her amazing eyebrows!

January 2011

January 31: After all the speculation and rumors, it has been confirmed: Laura will be reprising her role as 'Kara/Supergirl.' She will be returning for one final episode of Smallville for the final season. More news to come - stay tuned!

January 31: Listen to a radio interview Laura did this morning for the IGN TV podcast "Channel Surfing." Click to listen to the MP3.

January 26th: Laura attended the 2011 Entertainment Weekly's Screen Actors Guild Awards Party:

-New Photo Gallery
-Video: Laura greeting fans
-Video: Red Carpet Interview
-Video: PopCandies Tv
-Video: PopCandies Tv #2
-Video: PopCandies Tv #3

January 25th: A few new photos from episode 2.5 have been added to the "V" photo gallery.

January 17th: A new photo gallery has been added with a few photos from Laura's red carpet appearance at the 2011 InStyle Golden Globes. More photos will be added soon. Check back for more!

January 11th: A new photo gallery has been added from Laura's appearance at the Disney ABC Television Group's TCA 'Winter Press Tour' 2011. Check it out!

January 10th: Laura attended a Golden Globes kick off party on January 9th in LA. It was sponsored by Audi and J Mendel. A new photo gallery has been added with photos from the event.

January 4th: released an article today titled "Soul Searching: Alien Invasion Drama V Returns for Its Second Season." The following was written about Laura's character Lisa:

"These women warriors might just be the very best thing about "V" and Vandervoort gets a chance to shine this season. Keep your eyes on Lisa as the plots begin to mount this season. There's every chance that she might just be the most pivotal player on the board."

Looks like we can all look forward to Laura's character growing this season!

January 4th: A new video has been added to the Video Room showcasing Laura's feature on the 2010 Maxim hot 100 E! Special. Check it out!

January 2nd: Laura appeared on KTLA's morning show this morning to talk briefly about season 2 of "V." Laura also became obviously shy and slightly embarrassed by the clip that has been chosen.

January 2nd: Check out an exclusive interview Laura did for Daemon's TV.

January 2nd: A beautiful new photo of Laura has been added to the John Bregar photo gallery.

January 1st: ABC will be airing reruns of Season 1 "V" tonight, including the pilot episode, "Fruition" and "Red Sky." Make sure to check them out tonight, January 1st.

January 1st: A message from Laura to her fans:

"Happy New Year to everybody. Thanks for the support of both myself and 'V.' I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2011." -- Love Laura V.

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